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Welcome to Chit's

An All American icon who is the poster boy for good times & good food. Come visit his house of BBQ and blues and taste the ultimate in smoked black angus beef & pulled pork. Relax in an atmosphere that will make you forget your worries for a little while.

Good times, good food, and good friends, what more could you ask for? (besides that) Bring a friend or two. Your table is waiting!

Located At

3708 Southwest J Avenue,
Lawton, Oklahoma 73505
(580) 353-1777

Open Tuesday-Friday
11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Chit’s world famous slow smoked – always tender – BBQ brisket. Served on two flour tortillas with generous portions of chopped & sliced brisket. Price includes Chit’s Tater Salad, Loaded BBQ Beans, Pickle Spear, The Ultimate Gourmet Chocolate Chit Cookie and a Bottomless Drink to wash it all down.

IT’S MOOEY BUENO $11.00 includes tax

This is the little piggie that Chit took to the Market. You’ll grunt with pleasure at the tender pulled pork, served on two flour tortillas. Top that off with the same delicious sides and cookie as our BullChit. This is one meal you can make a pig of yourself on!

GIMME AN OINK! $11.00 includes tax

A Heaping Helping of one tortilla and your choice of meat, one side, pickle spear, chocolate chit cookie, and your choice of drink.

Price: $8.00 Plus Tax

This is Chit’s Favorite!

A combination of BullChit & HawgChit served on two flour tortillas along with the same delicious sides and gourmet chocolate chit cookie as our BullChit and HawgChit.

BETTER LOOSEN YER BELT! $11.00 includes tax